A meteor drops down on one of the most exclusive cannabis fields that ever existed. After the meteor strike something very strange occurred. The ooze from the meteor created a monstrous bud mutation that spawned...

Professor Deew

Professor Deew is the leading scientist behind the studies of all things MonsterBuds. He has many years of experience studying the genetic code of humans, plants, and animals. In the past, his molecular studies have brought him to many experiments that can combine multiple DNA structures to make clones. In 2009, he won the Nobel Peace prize for this exact science!
Deew now spends his days in the lab researching all of these dank Buds. From genetic breeding to secret cryochambers, Deew is always finding new things about MonsterBuds. The experiments in his lab are crazy! Who knows what he’ll invent next.​


Jerry has been with Professor Deew for over 20 years. First meeting at a music festival in the very cannabis fields where the meteor crashed, they’ve been a dynamic duo ever since. A member of the original hippie movement, Jerry also has a background in music and art.
Although sometimes it seems like he messes everything up, Jerry is extremely well-versed when it comes to the stuff that Professor Deew works on. Jerry spends late nights in the lab helping Deew with his experiments and loves to give the Buds all the love he can. He is more passionate about MonsterBuds than anything else!