A cannabis gaming universe

MonsterBuds™ is a cannabis-inspired gaming universe. MonsterBuds NFTs are the center of our ecosystem. These are dynamic NFTs, constantly growing and evolving. Play, collect, breed, and smoke MonsterBuds all on our platform.

MonsterBuds Genesis

The MonsterBuds Genesis Collection consists of 10,420 Generation 1 MonsterBuds and 865 Puff Puff Passes.
Generation 1 MonsterBuds are the center of the DankVerse and the key to earning in our P2E Smoke Session game. Generation 1 MonsterBuds will also generate $DANK, the utility token for the DankVerse. Each MonsterBud initially came with two breed counts. When purchasing, make sure to verify each Bud's breed count by using the filter or using its token ID on
The Puff Puff Pass is our utility pass for the DankVerse. Originally given to our early supporters for presale access, we've since utilized our Puff Puff Pass as a utility NFT, giving a number of premium benefits including NFT claims, software access, presale spots, and VIP access to exclusive events and giveaways.

MonsterBuds Generations

The MonsterBuds Generations Collection consists of new generations. The new generation equals the highest generation of the parents + 1. New generations are comprised of 75% of parent traits and 25% of random traits.

MonsterBuds Green Room

The MonsterBuds Green Room Collection consists of verified MonsterBuds airdrops and other NFTs. All Green Room NFTs will be used for future in-game utility within the MonsterBuds ecosystem.

MonsterBuds Sessions

The MonsterBuds Sessions Collection consists of all collaborative projects and charity auction events for MonsterBuds. Before our initial mint, we set an initiative to raise money to help displaced women in Afghanistan through Ascend Athletics. 90% of the proceeds went to helping Ascend's mission in Afghanistan and the remaining 10% went to the incredible artists: AlienQueen, 0x_fxnction, and HeyTVM.

Launch Recap

We like our community how we like our Bud – organic. MonsterBuds cultivated a dope, organic community in the months leading up to launch. We gave our early supporters early access passes, the Puff Puff Pass, to allow them to mint MonsterBuds in a pre-sale and avoid gas wars. Around the time we launched, which was in September 2021, most projects minting cost 300-400 ETH in burned gas fees. The Puff Puff Pass (PPP) allowed us to save our community from gas wars and resulted in only 13 ETH burned during our entire mint period.
MonsterBuds minted out completely during our pre-sale period, which lasted about 8 hours. There were 9,555 Generation 1 Buds minted during pre-sale. Over the next few weeks, we found out that Jerry hid 865 MonsterBuds from the supply and was going to keep them to himself, however; Professor Deew suggested we allowed the rest of the Buds to be minted by our PPP holders. This brought the total supply of Generation 1 Buds to 10,420 plus 865 Puff Puff Passes.
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