Breed two MonsterBuds together to make additional MonsterBuds, which can then be bred again, sold on the secondary market, or used to create new teams. Every MonsterBud has two breed counts and breeding has a 420 hour cooldown period.

The Breeding Process

To start the breeding process, select two of your Buds to enter the breeding chamber. Initiate the process by paying a .008 ETH fee + gas. Breeding results in a loss of 1 breed count.
A new seed will come out of this love-making session and you’ll have to wait five days for it to grow before you can breed or smoke it. Check back every 24 hours to watch your Buds grow!

The New Generation

When you breed, a new generation is created. The new generation will equal the highest generation of the parents + 1.
  • Gen 1 + Gen 1 = 2
  • Gen 2 + Gen 1 = 3
  • Gen 5 + Gen 1 = 6
The characteristics of the new generation will be derived from our genetic variance algorithm that will choose 75% of all characteristics and body parts from the parents and another 25% will be completely randomized. This includes THC/CBD amounts, so breeding two high or low THC/CBD Buds won’t always result in the same fashion. We also utilize a unique MonsterBud naming system so all of the names will be randomized. Our algorithm cross-references the database of all of our Buds before outputting a new seed, making sure no Buds will be the same.

Requesting to Breed

Later on down the road, we’ll open up breeding to allow you all to breed your Buds with each other. Users will be able to send breeding requests by clicking “breed” next to their favorite Buds. The requester will select one of their own Buds to be shown on the request. Breeding requests will send a notification to the receiver, which they will then have 24 hours to accept. Receivers will be able to specify a fee for accepting the request, since the new seed that is minted will go to the requester. To be clear, the one who requests to breed gets the seed, and the one who allows the breed gets a fee. Check back for updates on when this feature will roll out.