The MonsterBud marketplace is a dedicated marketplace for all MonsterBuds. This eliminates the reliance on other third-party marketplaces. Aside from that, having our own dedicated marketplace comes with its own benefits.
One major benefit includes eliminating seller gas fees, meaning there are NO gas fees to list or delist. This will help save our community tons in gas fees, where otherwise they’d have to pay to approve the MonsterBud collection to sell, pay to list, and pay to cancel their listing. While the buyer still has to pay gas on their side, the gas required to purchase has been a lot less than normal according to our tests. Another benefit of having our own dedicated marketplace is the 2.5% that would usually go to Opensea, now go to our community treasury. The community treasury will be handled by the community, which Buds will be able to vote on how and where the funds are spent.
This will be a huge asset for our community moving forward, as we believe that in creating a successful and thriving ecosystem of our own, we shouldn’t be reliant on other third-party marketplaces. The MonsterBud marketplace will enable us to execute on our long-term visions for the project and help build the framework for what’s to come.
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