What's the point of having such dank Buds if you can't smoke 'em? MonsterBuds can be smoked by community members by pressing the "Smoke" button under a Bud. You can smoke as many Buds as you wish, but you can't get high on your own supply! Smoked Buds have a 420-minute cooldown. There will be further gamification with the smoking mechanism once the game is fully launched.
At current development stages, smoking Buds is similar to a "Like" button. This is different than Favoriting Buds, which saves Buds to your Favorites Tab. Smoke your friend's Buds to let them know they're dank af and get featured on The Smoke Board!

The Smoke Board

Smoking Buds can get them featured on the MonsterBuds Smoke Board, where you'll be able to see the Top Smoked Buds and the Top Smokers.
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