Puff Puff Pass
The Puff Puff Pass (PPP) was given to our early supporters and was one of the first of its kind - an NFT that gave presale access to avoid high gas wars. During the months leading up to our launch, there were no established presale lists yet and traders had to participate in gas wars for mints, costing thousands of dollars in gas per transaction. The Puff Puff Pass solved this, only PPP holders were able to mint during the presale window, which was 24 hours before our public sale. There are a total of 865 Puff Puff Passes, no more will ever be created.
Since our launch, we've utilized our Puff Puff Pass as the MonsterBuds utility NFT. PPP holders have had free access to a number of premium benefits, including NFT claims, software access, free automatic presale spots for other promising projects, and most recently, VIP access to IRL cannabis events.

PPP Benefits To Date:

  • Free Nah Fungible Bone with 24hr presale
  • Free Generation 1 MonsterBud
  • flooredApe partnership w/ permanent free access
  • Free Jerry NFT OnChain Events presale
  • Neon Pantheon presale (500)
  • The Divine presale (300)
  • IX Panthers presale (750)
  • Whip Season presale (750)
  • Galaxy Fight Club Genesis Key presale
  • Metavillages presale
  • Expantum presale
  • Cali Vibes VIP tickets
  • Entity Builds Custom NFT World
  • Mintify presale
  • Meta Popit presale
  • ETHomes presale
  • Building Beaverz presale
  • Conium Partnership with free premium features
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