Gameplay and Mechanics

The rules of the game are simple: The first player to get smoked out, loses the game! Smoke out your opponent by unleashing a variety of hits using joints, dabs, bong hits, edibles, and more.

Hit Cards

The best way to make friends is to pass that sweet Mary Jane. These cards are the main card of the game. Throw a hit to your opponent and target a specific attribute. If your opponent's Buds have the specific attribute, they will take a hit and their Tolerance Score will go down.
Stoner version: The player that gets hit takes the hit shown, you can also use whatever paraphernalia you want.

Block Cards

Someone throws you a hit, nope, not today Bud! Play this card directly after your opponent sends you a hit and it will block it. No attributes effected.
Stoner version: No one smokes at this time, take a breather.

Reverse Cards

Thanks for the hit but I’m sending it back to you Bud! Reverse cards can only be played after a hit card. They will reverse the exact hit back to the person who puff puff passed to you.
Stoner version: The player that sent the hit must now take the hit shown.

Steal Cards

Use these to “steal” a card from your opponent.
Stoner version: Steal a piece of weed from your friend when they are not looking.

Assembly/Combo Cards

Form three specific assembly cards to make a Combo Card. Combo Cards are the strongest cards in the game. When used, this card hits each Bud as a global hit. No attribute selection is needed.
Stoner version: Each player must take a hit.

The Ripper Card

Goodbye Bud! The player that draws this card losses immediately and all buds get smoked out... That is unless they own a 2nd Wind card.
Stoner version: The player must finish what they started and clear out the entire bowl, blunt, or dab.

2nd Wind Card

Second Wind Buds! This is the only card that can block The Ripper. The player puts The Ripper back into the deck where they would like strategically.