The MonsterBuds DankVerse runs on $DANK. A cross-platform, cross-chain utility token creating sustainable economies between cannabis and web3.

How to Earn $DANK

There will be multiple ways to earn $DANK: including playing Smoke Sessions, interacting with the MonsterBuds ecosystem to boost your earning tiers, and passively from owning Generation 1 MonsterBuds.

Game Incentives

Using Generation 1 Buds to play and win Smoke Session games is one of the best ways to maximize $DANK earnings. Winning also increases your XP and gives you a chance at $DANK boosts and other reward opportunities.

Earning Tiers

There will be tiered levels of earning throughout our entire ecosystem, think airline miles. These tiers are called your "High-ness." Your possible High-Ness levels are:
  • Buzzed
  • Stoned
  • Baked
  • H.A.F
The higher you are, the more boosts you get. "The Dispensary" will be the place on that will allow you to obtain more $DANK and get boosts.

Grow Cycles

Generation 1 MonsterBuds also earn $DANK (and have been earning, looking at YOU, HODL club) through grow cycles. More info on these grow cycles to come.

Ways to Use $DANK

  • Marketplace bid-to-breed with $DANK
  • Bud accessories
  • Power-up card packs that include consumables and cool down cards
  • More exciting ways to be announced!